Charity No. 1144329

Surrey Search & Rescue

Canine Handlers

Once trained and operational for 6 months, members with pet dogs can begin to train them as Search Dogs. This is a huge commitment, and can take an average of 2 years to get a dog to qualify for operational searching.

Surrey Search & Rescue has a variety of operational dogs of both Route and Area level.

Route Dogs (Level 2):

Many types of missing person are found on or near an established path or route. Our Route Dogs are trained to search up to 25 metres either side of any path, up to 2km in length, for the smell of a person.

Area Dogs (Level 3):

This is a more advanced level of training, and dogs of this level can be tasked with searching an area of 50 acres (50 football pitches) of woodland or scrub for people. A phenomenal task, the handler and dog must be very fit and train regularly to maintain perfect ability.

All our dogs are trained every 2 weeks with the team, and most other days with their handler and smaller sections of the team.

You can see all of our dogs, and even sponsor their equipment and training here