Charity No. 1144329

Surrey Search & Rescue

Rescue Team

All members of our team are trained to deal with finding a missing person who is alive and well, and to help with a stretcher should a casualty need to be carried.

Some members of our team are also trained in more specialist search and rescue techniques including:

Riverbank Search – where the need for use of personal flotation devices, rescue ropes and advanced safety equipment is needed.

Flood Rescue – where the team can be deployed to retrieve someone from flood waters or slow-moving rivers, which is a growing need in Surrey.

Swiftwater Rescue – where the team can support the emergency services in working in faster-moving waters.

Off-road Ambulance – If needed, our Land Rover can be used to evacuate casualties from areas where a ‘normal’ ambulance could not be driven to safety. Lowland Rescue team vehicles are fitted with blue lights for emergency calls.

Technical Rescue – where the team can help the emergency services rescue casualties in some inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas, including parts of the Surrey Hills where carrying a traditional stretcher over land would be extremely hard work for an ambulance crew.

Medical Response – where a casualty is found and requires more than a first-aid response, we have a medical team which can offer a greater degree of pre-hospital care than a basic first-aider. You can read more about our medical capabilities here.